Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions to consider when you are looking to purchase a new system as well as things to consider once your system is installed and active.

In order to serve you better ask yourself a few basic questions…

  • How many people need a telephone or workstation?
  • Do you currently have a telephone system?
  • Who will be answering the phone calls, a staff member or an auto attendant?
  • What do you like or dislike about your existing phone system?
  • Do you need cabling for your office? Do you have a floor plan of where the new phones or workstations will be?
  • Do you require any overhead paging? Warehouse? Shipping?
  • Do you require any music on hold? or Marketing Messages on while a caller is on hold?
  • When would you like to have the new system in place? Are there any particular due dates we should be prepared for?
  • Would you like to be able to access your telephone system while at the cottage?
  • Do you require any telephones to ring differently at different times of the day? If so, which telephones and when?
  • Will each staff member need a voicemail mailbox?
  • Do all of the staff work at the office OR do some staff members work remotely?
  • Do you need Voice Mail? Call Centre? Would you like to be able to view your voicemail in your email inbox?
  • What kind of telephone lines do you need? Digital? Analog? VoIP?
  • Do you make a lot of long distance telephone calls?
  • If so, do you want to talk about saving money on Long Distance?
  • Who will be providing these services?
  • What type/speed of internet service are you using at your company and by who? Do you have IT support staff?
  • Do you need headsets?
  • Back up power supply?

There are many kinds and this will be determined during our free consultation of your needs.

If you communicate with these sites on a regular basis you might consider connecting them for your computer network as well as your voice network.

We try to future proof your investment in your equipment and cabling by considering your future growth.

Do you have remote workers or employees who travel? A VOIP system may work for you.

Location is important to determine what services are available for phone and high speed.

Changing your passwords is a good start and do not have a simple one. However, there are many others and they will depend on your exact configuration.