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Telephone / Voice Mail Systems
Tomorrow’s Solutions Today!
· Combine your data network and phone system
· Gives your company internet telephone advantage
· Increase profits
· Enhance professional stature
· Streamline your business
· Better customer service
· More effective with business partners
· Internal messaging systems (Call Pilot)
· External messaging systems (Bell or Cogeco Voice mail)

Hosted PBX
· Phone service thru the internet on a private network

VoIP phone service
· SIP service to analogue phone sets as well as soft phones on computers and cell phones to reduce cost

Data Cabling
Cat 3 Cable
Each telephone set in your office requires a voice cable, unless you are using VoIP or an IP Telephone Solution where using this type of cable will not work then you would need to look at Category 5e (Cat5e) cable for your office.
Cat 5e Cable
Cat 5e wiring contains high-quality copper, offers a high twist ratio, and uses advanced methods for reducing crosstalk. Enhanced Cat5e can support a signalling rate of up to 350 MHz, more than triple the capability of regular Cat5.
Cat 6 cable
The new Category 6 System has been designed to keep pace with the evolving requirements of the Category 6 standard. The individual components of the system, as well as links and channels, comply with all of the proposed requirements of TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 "Transmission Performance Specifications for 4-Pair 100 Category 6 Cabling". Today it's Gigabit Ethernet.
Fiber Optics
Fiber Optics provide wider Bandwidth in less cable, requiring less space. Fiber Optics are flexible like
copper wires, but carry more information per cable than copper, not to mention that is also faster. Fiber Optics are made from glass, plastic or a combination of single-mode and multi mode. Single-mode is use mainly for long distances, where multi mode is used for short distances and widely used for small to medium size businesses.

Telephone Paging Amplifiers
Bogen's TPU-Series of amplifiers are the ideal choice within the telephone paging industry. With five models to choose from, ranging in power from 15 watts to 250 watts.

Key Features:
· TEL input has Automatic Level Control (ALC) for constant page control
· Separate MIC input for a low-impedance push-to-talk microphone
· Separate volume controls for mic, paging, background music and night ringer
· Wall-mount design provides minimum protrusion from backboard can also be rack mounted
· Thermal and electronic overload protection
· 600-ohm balanced Tel input for direct connection to page ports and adapters

Horn Loudspeakers
Bogen’s horn loudspeakers offer high efficiency, excellent intelligibility and sturdy, all metal construction. Tilt & swivel base and rotary switch selected power taps, make installation quick and easy. SPT and BDT models are compatible with 70V and 25V paging systems, SP models are 8-ohm versions.

Key Features:
· Maximum speaker power capacities of 7.5, 15 and 30 watts
· Rotary switch-selected power taps on transformer models
· Tilt & swivel base for easy aiming
· All metal construction with enamel finish
· Weather proof design
· 8-ohm impedance
· 12" connecting cable included for installation
· Twin re-entrant horns for bi-directional projection

Accessory Pieces
Hammond Racks
Wall mount or floor data racks are available in various configurations such as 2 pole, 4 pole or enclose.

Patch Cords
Patch cords are available in various lengths and colours to suit your needs and to help identify devices or networks for cat 5e and cat 6.

Patch Panels
Wirewerx patch panels are available in the following configurations12 port, 24 port 48 port and 96 port